Saturday, December 22, 2007

Philippines: a whole new world

Just when I've been thinking that things are getting a bit boring and we're getting stuck in too much of a routine and repetition about our travel plans, I find out about some incredible destinations in the Philippines. OK, I know, it's not as if I didn't know about it earlier, but for some reason it was never on my travel radar, as I assumed it to be a hot and crowded urban sprawl. Well, it's not and once you leave the cities, Philippines offers some pretty spectacular sights, for beach lovers, nature lovers and adventurers, high end as well as budget travelers.

The thing about traveling to new places is that it opens up our mind and by deciding on a destination beforehand is like simply closing your eyes, which is a such a waste, right? So, with the new year's coming up, I have decided to be more open about new destinations and not let my pre-conceived notions or lack of information get in the way.

OK, back to the Philippines and what started this whole thing is that I got a comment from the Travels and Tours blog site and so went there to have a look and became totally enchanted with visiting places like Cebu or Illigan City or the numerous other destinations that would be just super to visit. As with any new destination, one needs so much information about the place, accommodation, food, culture, flights, etc and Travel and Tours seems to have a pretty good job and giving lots of information on each destination, making it easier to figure it all out.

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