Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Flickr dilemma

I've been working a lot to sort out my pictures on Flickr and Picasa lately. I seem to have lots of doubles for some reason between these two photo storage solutions besides the photographs I have saved on my computer as well. For some reason, I have two huge batches of photographs on Flickr that I do not have on my computer anymore (or on Picasa either) and so need to download them one by one, unless someone knows if it is possible to download a batch from Flickr?

It sounds really tedious and time consuming but if I want those pictures, there is no other way I guess. When I switched from Yahoo photos to Flickr, they said it again and again, that there would be absolutely no restrictions at all and that the service would always be free, but now it seems that as a free account holder, I can only access 200 of my photos and the rest will stay 'hidden' until I delete some of the visible ones to free up some space.

Here's one of my favorite photos that I have taken. It was taken while we were driving along Cayuga Lake, just north of Ithaca, NY. This is a small version, since the larger one does not fit here. Click on the photo to see it in all its glory!

Driving along Cayuga Lake, NY

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