Sunday, December 23, 2007

A busy year for Blogger

2007 has been quite a busy year for Blogger, with the new version of Blogger becoming available, a variety of new widgets for the sidebar, availability in 26 languages, transliteration in Hindi, Blogger photos in Picasa, autosave, profile search, video upload, Blogger Play and so much more. In fact, when I went through their list, I realized that there was some new stuff that I totally missed and will now go back and check out and probably add to my blog. I have been using Blogger since 2004 and since it was my first blog platform, I got quite attached to it. I do have a Wordpress blog and love the way I can tweak it in a way that Blogger just is not able to, but then there are lots of advantages of this system as well. For one, it is great for a beginner and for someone who is not able to devote too much time in crafting a unique blog theme for themselves. I love their drag and drop menus, which make it so easy to move things around, add things, take stuff out and best of all, be done in just a few minutes, all without having to consult a manual. Looking forward to all the good stuff Blogger will come up with next year. Check out a full list of what they have been up to on the Blogger Buzz blog.

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