Friday, November 02, 2007

Starting an annual treking routine

While I've been traveling quite a bit this past year, what I haven't done and am really missing is a nice long trek. Ever since I was in school, I have been going on annual treks and have really enjoyed the experience of it, but lately work and family have caught up and this part of my life has been neglected. I do hope to start off on an annual routine of treks once again once we settle down a bit. Almost all of my treks have been in the mountains, some relatively simple and others really quite strenuous. One of the last treks I went on several years ago was one of the hardest, but as is usually the case, one of the most memorable and I look forward to doing similar treks in the future. Churdhar Peak is a trek that a lot of people have gone on, but due to our lack of acclimatization and rush to head back it turned out to be rather hard.

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