Monday, November 05, 2007

Where to stay for a ski vacation

I've always been big on traveling and with the amount of traveling we've been doing these past few years, I feel that I have seen a lot even though there are innumerable places that still need to be visited. Since I grew up in the mountains, I'm a big fan of driving up to the hills and spending some time in higher climes, and one of the places that I really want to go to is Aspen, Lake Placid or any other similar winter resort. There are some pretty amazing Whistler Condos that one can rent for a week or a month and really get to live like a local.

To me that's a huge part in really enjoying a vacation, to be able to stay in a wonderful location and in a place that does not scream hotel. I'd much rather stay in a place with 2-3 bedrooms so when we travel as a family we can all be together, instead of shuttling off of our respective bedrooms. The accommodation provided by Whistler Condos is varied, so it will be easy to find just the kind of place you like to stay in and Aloha Whistler is one of the premier places to find accommodation for any ski resort.

For any kind of family vacation, I find it best to find large accommodation that has 2-3 bedrooms and is adaptable to a variety of uses, whether one wants a hectic ski vacation or a nice quiet time sitting by the fire. That's what seems to be really great about these Whistler Condos is that they seem to be able to offer it all to everyone. For more details check out their website.

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