Friday, November 02, 2007

Vacation in style every time

The one thing that we have realized that there is nothing quite like a vacation where you can relax and feel completely at home, as one can do when goes on a longer vacation and rents a condo instead of staying at a hotel. Where at one time, it was hard to find such places to go to, now one has a huge variety of places one can find information on vacation rentals. Besides, there are also lots of Free vacation rental listings on vacation sites as well as on such as Craiglist etc, where users can post pictures and information on their vacation or condo listing.

I've really been thinking of planning a trek to the mountains and so was quite happy to find a listing for a Telluride vacation rental, which I can use as a base for a couple of different treks. Luxurious, I know, but why not, it's definitely worth every penny you rent it for and combined with a trek it will be a great combination. I've never really looked out for Free condo rental listings, but I think I need to pay more attention to them, as there are lots of amazing deals out there for avid travelers.


Sundarraj Jayaraj said...

wow wat a wonderful break away from worries and stress, i like to one more month in Alpine Peaks restaurant

Shalini said...

Me too!