Saturday, October 27, 2007

Taking advantage of collodial silver

Colloidal silver is in the news again, but while there is lots of information about it, the majority of people are still quite confused about what exactly it is and what it is used for. When the term 'colloidal silver' is used it means that there are silver particles and not silver ions, the smallest of which measure 0.65nm, ensuring that they are the purest form of silver. It also means that they are the highest purity methods with sterile reagent grade deionized water. In fact, colloidal silver is as pure as it can get in Mesosilver as it contains only pure water and pure silver. As long as you are not allergic to silver, you will be able to use this product, and if you want the genuine product then this is where you're going to get it. So, take advantage of the benefits of colloidal silver and use it to your benefit.

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