Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Hawaiian beach vacation

Nothing like coming back from a vacation and dreaming of the next one, right? Well, I just got back from a really great trip home and am now thinking that it's time to plan a proper vacation just for the two of us. A really great spot would be this Poipu Kai resort, where we could just chill and do absolutely nothing at all, but eat, sleep and take in the amazing natural beauty of Kauai.

I was quite impressed with the Kauai vacation rentals I saw at Grantham Resorts, since they really are the kind of places we like to visit and stay at. All of Hawaii is spectacular, but I think Kauai is one of the best locations in the state. There is a wide variety of Kauai resorts, so you can stay at just the kind of place you like, whether it is a condo or a beach bungalow or a villa. Poipu beach is one of the best beaches in the world and until you've been there, you've not really traveled.

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