Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Took another break today

A lot of things start out with good intentions and I was meant to get back to work with a gusto. Well, I ended up goofing off and spent the day at the Ibn Batuta Mall which is quite a fun place and since it's midweek there were no crowds at all, which was really the best part of it all. I found some great deals at H&M and browsed through some great selections of home decor books at Magrudy's. Lunch was at The Lime Tree Cafe where I had a chicken and mushroom quiche, which was delicious and huge. Then I headed to wander the mall a bit more before taking a break at Starbucks for a hot chocolate, which is by far the best hot chocolate one can get these days. So, all in all a nice fun day. I hate going out to the malls when everyone else is out there as well, it just sucks out all the fun, so would rather work on the weekends a bit and take time out during the week. The one place where this does not work is the Deira City Center which is packed no matter what time or day you go. We had to wait over an hour to get a taxi there, which put a real damper to a nice day spent there. Do hope the transportation and traffic system improves soon.


Karen said...

That sounds like a great day at the mall. I too, hate crowded malls. Your quiche sounded delicious.

Shalini said...

Yes, it really was a nice day. Considering I'm in retail myself, I'm quite sick of shops and shopping, but it was one of those unusually calm days at a mall. I'm a huge fan of quiches, and this was a keeper!