Thursday, September 20, 2007


Yesterday turned out to be a super hectic day, between getting errands, groceries, and some tests done. As usual, I can't wait for the weekend to be here, to catch up on some much needed r & r. I finally downloaded some of the pics from a couple of weeks back that I took on a trip to the Dubai Festival City. The complex is so much more than just a regular mall, it has been designed beautifully and there is something interesting to see no matter where you look. I love the fact that there are water features spread across the mall, and these are not your usual water features, these are innovative and absolutely unique. There is also a canal meandering through the buildings, where you can go for a ride if you want. I can't wait to visit in the winter, when one can sit outside overlooking the canal and the creek, and really enjoy the beautiful setting.

Tha amazing water feature overlooking the performance arena. The steps are in between all the zig-zags of the water.

View of the canal in between and the Creek beyond through the upper level.

Zoom of the view of the Creek between the buildings

Wall of windows

Roof detail

Detail of coloured glass disguising the elevator area.


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