Saturday, September 22, 2007

Making a sale

Having the right point of sale system can be the difference in being successful or a failure. It's really as simple as that and I don't understand how some retailers just don't see the importance of a good PoS system. If you want to grow your business, then an investment in a reliable Pos system is s must and VisonPOS is one of the best in the business and even has some used point of sale systems, if you're just starting off and want to save some money.

As a retail analyst and as someone who has worked in the retail industry for over ten years, I have advised several small retailers to make this change and get some ibm pos equipment , even if it seems a bit too expensive for the moment, as it is something that is sure to pay off in the long term. Taking care of inventory is one of the most tedious procedures, but with a NCR point of sale, it becomes quite straightforward and simple. A lot of retailers tend to focus only on their long time customers, never thinking of expanding and this is one of the things that unfortunately get neglected.

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