Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Looking for a new project

I love collecting art and am very proud of my current collection. I've never been good at art myself, although I've always loved doing crafts much more than drawing or painting. I can't get enough of visiting hobby shops looking for interesting new project to take on, and each time the kind of project I do could be completely different, from RC airplanes to creating wreathes or stenciling etc. Over the years, I have done some fun projects but have so far only kept one of them with me, and always end up gifting my projects to friends and family. One of the simplest ones I ever did was to make a wreath on paper using holly leaves and frame it for my wall. It turned out so good that my neighbor Claudia requested if I could make one for her and one for her sister. I happily gave her my original one and made a new one for her sister. After all, the holly leaves came from her garden!

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