Monday, September 10, 2007

Is Budget making fradulent charges?

It's been a busy morning, trying to sort out all the pending paperwork and organize the bills. In cleaning up, I found that Budget Car Rental had charged us an additional amount five days after we had paid them their due. So I called them to find out what it was all about and was told it was toll charges. I asked the manager there to fax over the details of the dates and times of the toll charges so I could tally them with our diary for that duration. Besides overcharging for each trip, they also seem to have added a couple of charges, like two entries for toll charges on a bridge just 7 minutes apart. Something is definitely fishy here and I need to pull out our records to see just what we were doing those days. It's quite a painful procedure to have to deal with all this extra paperwork, but that's the cost of the ease of using credit cards etc.

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