Friday, September 07, 2007

Inspired cooking

I think I was inspired to do some interesting cooking after writing that last post. Since I don't have any of my recipe books here, I searched online, using my limited stock of ingredients and came up with an interesting recipe. I wanted to make Cardamom chicken, but since I didn't have my book with me, I decided to look it up online. Although, I didn't find anything that I could substitute, I did end up with a great recipe that called for a combination of cardamom, coffee and black pepper. Verging on the super duper simple, it turned out rather nice, although I will tweak it a bit the next time I make it.

I added two side dishes to it, one a sauteed spinach and home fries and it was a really nice meal. Here's a link to the Coffee Cardamom Chicken recipe. I also found a really great site called Simply Recipes which is written by Elise, where I found lots of superb recipes that I am sure to be making soon, especially this Cardamom Honey Chicken recipe, which I could not make last night since I did not have any honey. Yup, I've still got lots of things to buy as yet.

Wish I had taken some pics of it though, so I could post them here. Oh well, next time then.....

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