Thursday, September 27, 2007

Don't ignore Perth on your next trip to Australia

Everyone knows just how much I love to travel, to visit new places, to explore a city and get to know its intricacies, and one of the places left to explore for me is Australia. I've heard so much about Australia from friends and family, that it's moving up on our list of place to visit. I like to research a city before going on a trip there and learned that there is an International Arts Festival held in Perth every year, so I think it would be wonderful to time a trip to be able to attend it as well. Collecting art and travel are my two passions, so what could be better? Good food? Yes Perth definitely has lots of good restaurants along with great shopping and sports events. Even hotels in Perth are influenced by the dynamic nature of the city and known to be quite amazing.

Some of the smaller cities like Perth and Adelaide don't get enough emphasis due to Sydney or Melbourne being such magnets, but these cities have a lot of offer tourists as well. While Melbourne accommodation can be relatively expensive, it is in a class of it's own. Adelaide being such as sporty town, gets tourists in batches for the cricket matches and other sports events and hotels in Adelaide, get filled up rather quickly.

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