Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dinner is planned

Found a nice recipe for dinner tonight, this time on my old favorite All Recipes, where I found my fab meatloaf recipe a couple of years back. I also registered at their site, so that I could save recipes in my recipe box and access them easily the next time I am looking for something to make. I love the simplicity of this site and great features such as resizing and changing to metric conversion, the more recipes like this button and most of all the sense of community in its readers, who volunteer their own versions of the recipes with great enthusiasm. Tonight I'm making orange baked chicken but have made several alterations to it and will post how it ended up eventually. Another feature which I like is the option of looking for recipes only with certain ingredients or by excluding them. I was searching for a chicken recipe with orange, and found lots and lots of them with just that.

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