Sunday, September 16, 2007

Asia travel news

I'll be traveling again next month, not to any exotic destination this time, just going home for a wedding and some catch up time with my family. When it comes to planning a fun vacation, I'm getting to be pretty good and have built up a list of various companies that I like to book hotels from. If you're traveling in Asia, then it's definitely a good idea to check out the AsiaHotels Blog which is a great place to get asia travel news, so you can be a bit prepared before reaching your destination.

The blog has some great travel stories in asia, which is quite a unique and different destination to someone visiting for the first time. So, if you are looking for the best beaches in Asia or for the best hotel stories in asia, this is the place to head to. I found it rather interesting to find a story on the three cheapest cities for shopaholics, which is the kind of info you never find on any other travel blog. The three cites are Bangkok, which I can vouch is great for shopping, Hong Kong and Beunes Aires, which I never would have imagined to be on this list actually.

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