Monday, September 10, 2007

Ah, Paris!

What's not to love about the city of love? Paris is one of those magical cities that is steeped with history and culture and is definitely a dream destination. I would love to explore the city using one of those old guide books that told the history of each place in the city, and maybe even read some of the novels based on the city to get a better grasp of the city. Some of the world's best monuments are located in Paris and everyone who goes to the city for the first time, just has to visit the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Lido and Notre Dame cathedral.

I however would like to do a more whimsical tour of the city, stopping along the East Bank at some of the cafe's that world famous artists and musicians have spent time at, taking a cruise on the Seine, visiting the Sorbonne University and taking some architectural tours of the city. Hotels in Paris are one of a kind, offering a unique mix of luxury and old world charm. There are lots of modern hotels but I think for the most part hotels in France should focus on their heritage and culture.

We have a CD of one of France's most famous singers, Edith Piaf, who really personifies the entire cafe music culture and I would love to go to places that would enhance that experience. Music, wine and food are some of the things that are closest to a Parisian's heart and to get to know a city, these are good ways to delving under the superficiality of the branded tours. Regardless of which Paris hotel you stay at, you're bound to have an experience that is complete different and very continental.

And yes, the only thing not to love about the city are the huge crowds in the summer!

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