Thursday, August 30, 2007

Spending summer in magnificent New Zealand

I've never been to New Zealand or Australia and they seem to be the destinations of the moment and are being written about and featured on every travel show or movie that I see lately. Now is a great time to plan a trip to New Zealand for summer months of December through March. Besides the big cities on both the North and South Islands, there are lots of magnificent places to stay as well. Hotels in Auckland are known to offer some of the finest food and hotels in Wellington are known for their old world charm, which is something that I definitely do not want to miss. Mount Victoria in Wellington is one of the spots I have already earmearked for our trip.

Another destination that I have planned to go to is Christchurch, which is by far one of the most beautiful locations ever and hotels in Christchurch are always offering some great deal or the other, whether you are planning months in advance or just a last minute trip. While not all of New Zealand is as easily accessable as its three largest cities, smaller and less known destinations are also worth attempting.

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