Thursday, August 30, 2007

Finding travel information

Each time we travel to a new destination, I love to read up on its history, geography and culture, since that is a great way to make the trip so much more well rounded than just a regular touristic jaunt. Since we're currently traveling back and forth between Dubai and Delhi, I've been spending lots of my reading time on the amazing developments in the city of Dubai, which is by far one of the most interesting cities in the world.

I read a great blog post about the three most futuristic cities in the world and of course, Dubai was included, along with Tokyo and Hong Kong, which are both cities that we would love to live in at some point of our lives. The RatesToGo site has information on lots of cities across the world and also has some fun tips and information on the airline industry, such as a post on airlines planning to introduce sleeper beds on long haul flights.


Anonymous said...

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Shalini said...

Thanks! Will check it out. It's always nice to hear about new travel related sites.