Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Travel problems

It seems that all travel plans we make, keep getting delayed, postponed or canceled. It's getting really quite irritating to have to constantly keep changing hotel bookings to due problems with airlines, or changing air bookings due to problems with visas. The combinations and permutations of all types of delays are seem to be affecting us, and just when we think that one problem is solved, another one arises, and so on. Do hope this whole thing will finish off soon, as it's getting mighty annoying.


Adorable Bad Guy said...

Patience... We say some times in Hindi(translated) You never get anything before its time or more than your luck.

On a diff note, I've drawn a little inspiration from you. Check out BLogger's Block . If flattery could take you places.... I'd be back home on Mars

Let me know if you object. I'll take it off.

Shalini said...

Yes, if only I had enough patience....I would have been a champion golfer, if I had enough patience!! Well, that's at least what my coach used to tell me!!

Thanks for the detailed study of my blog. I'm quite flattered and of course, no objection at all!