Wednesday, July 18, 2007

RealTravel: All you need to know before you travel

As an avid traveler, I spend a lot of my time either traveling or devote myself to reading about different destinations when I am not traveling. Last year, I was traveling for 72 days and simply loved every moment of it. Before I set out on any vacation or even a business trip, I always do some research on it so that I am prepared and know all the places worth seeing, and worth eating at. Rather than reading up on general travel or tourism sites, I prefer to read accounts of actual visitors on a travel blog like RealTravel, which gives a much more well-rounded account of a destination.

RealTravel is a travel blog and has articles written by real travelers, so it is possible to follow the trail of how to create the perfect vacation by using their tried and tested routes and experiences. I found some really great accounts about travels in Italy, specifically the Umbria region, which has got me really interested in visiting the area. If there is one travel blog that you should read in a day (well, besides mine!), it definitely should be RealTravel. The site is updated daily and has a very diverse range of subjects since its writers are spread out across the world.

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