Wednesday, July 11, 2007

On personal attachments

So, our home is starting to look a bit bare now as things are going. I get attached to things that I own quite easily and it took me quite a while to come to terms with the fact that it just didn't make sense to hold on to these things just for the sake of holding on. One needs to be practical as well, so little by little, I accepted that we would have to dispose of everything and start afresh in our new city and new home. As hard as that decision was, once I accepted it, the whole process has become so much easier.


Adorable Bad Guy said...

We are all a bit like trees. We grow roots where ever we stay and then Mumbai has its charisma.
I felt so nostalgic abt Mumbai in NY that I could have flown back to Mumbai that moment.
If its any consolation, Dubai is a richer and cleaner mini India. Did you know that till 1960s the currency in Dubai was Indian Rupee. Even today some of the natives by habit use Rs for Dirham when talking of money. I'm sure you'll feel close to home there. Cheer up and help your self to a hot chocolate.

Shalini said...

Making the decision about disposing off everything was hard, but once that it was done, I'm OK with it. We still keeping all our books and our huge collection of movies and music. My art collection too is being sent home to Delhi.

We're looking forward to Dubai, as it's the best of the east and the west.

Did you ever eat at the Lime Tree Cafe there? It's simply the best in all kinds of deserts. A good alternative is Painted Platters in Bangalore (earlier on CMH Road and now on Lavelle Road, I believe).

And, yes, hot chocolate is always the best medicine...good idea!!