Friday, July 06, 2007

The moving process

The whole packing and moving process is going on around us and we're getting everything organized for either selling or packing and shipping to our new location. Moving per se is hard enough but moving to a new city in a new country is much harder. We know, as we've already done it several times. The only difference being that we were younger and had fewer things, whereas now we have built a collection of things that have become important to us enough that we don't want to let go.

There are lots of moving companies out there, but one should only go in for the best such as, as it can lead to lots of problems if you go in for a sub standard company. It's especially important when it comes to international shipping, that you take a company that has established credentials. We've decided not to take some of our larger furniture items as well as our vehicle, since it'll be easier to get a new one there. It is quite simple to go in for auto transport, it one were wanting to move along with one's car. Most moving companies have the option of getting someone to take care of all the packing and unpacking or letting you do a self-move, where the packing company only gives you the materials for packing, and they take care of moving it to the new location.


Adorable Bad Guy said...

I guess you are moving to Dubai. What do you want to carry there? Furniture, Cars are cheaper. Hi-fi systems run on 110v so you cant carry your TV or Hi-Fi systems. In any case all of these things are cheaper there. I'd just take my favorite CDs

Good luck with your relocation

Shalini said...

Yup, completely immersed in the process of moving. And no we're not taking any electronic items or furniture with us. I am shipping some things to Delhi, like our collection of books, a bookshelf, some nice china and other personal stuff.

How was your trip to the US?

Adorable Bad Guy said...

Oh, then its cool. My east coast vacation was a mixed bag. I'll write abt it in my blog. That way I can get started again. Good luck with your relocation. I hope you know how to drive. Dubai does not have much of a public transport system. I guess they are building one though.

Shalini said...

Have been driving since I was 18....and having lived in the US for several years, am completely familiar and comfortable with driving on the highways and with left hand drives. (After highway driving, my next favorite driving locale is Himachal!!)

Look forward to reading about your trip!!

Adorable Bad Guy said...

I've put in a little abt the teething troubles we had with our trip to nyc.

Shalini said...

Thanks for the heads up!