Thursday, July 19, 2007

Memories brought back by music

I've got the Yahoo music playing my station and it just played Alanis Morissette's Ironic, which used to be my favorite song in college days. I new each and every word of the song and especially loved listening to it in my car, driving on one of the back roads to nowhere, exploring the countryside and nearby towns. This was a slightly different version, but it still resonated and brought back oh so many memories of my red Ford Escort, of Tuttle Creek, of Poyntz Avenue, and especially of taking the Wamego route to Kansas City rather than on Interstate 70.

I usually have a strong connection with music in each apt or city I have lived in, as in I can encompass my/our stay there, just by remembering the kind of music I/we used to listen to. It's actually quite interesting to note how my tastes in music have changed in the past decade. In fact, I wrote an article about what music I/we used to listen to in each place we lived in, which I still have not posted here. Must dig it up and share my music addictions over the years.

Edited to add: As I published this REM's Everybody Hurts, another one of my favorite albums from college days, was playing. Coincidence or time to pay a visit to the old alma mater?

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