Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The growth of a blog

Despite my day and a half off from blogging on Sunday and half of Monday, it's been quite a good run. I've been able to update my blog almost every day and write even 4-5 posts on some days. Interestingly, one of my reader's abg, has spent a lot of time studying my posting habits and created a bar graph in a post called Blogger's Block on his blog Harmless Tremors on the number of posts I have made in each year of my blog.

I started blogging in august of 2004 out of curiosity and although I wanted to write all the time, I was hesitant in writing about my emotions and feelings in such a public forum. With time I overcame this feeling and my blog became a great source of being able to have my say and write about anything and everything under the sun. In 2006, I started writing a lot on retail related posts on this blog, but as soon as I started my retail blog The Power of Retail in February 2007, I steered this blog back to its original course, travel and personal stuff. In the future, I hope to continue growing the blog both in readership and widening the reach of my travel posts.

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