Monday, July 23, 2007

Get to know new destinations

I've been following a travel guide site called RealTravel for the past week and when I opened the page today, I saw that their home page was completely new. The changes have made the site quite dynamic as it is now even easier to access different pages from the home page. There are sections on the Featured Travel Bloggers, Travel Plans, Destinations, Things to do and much more. So, if you just feel like some vicarious travel, then you can browse through these articles and pictures, but if you are specifically researching a destination, you can dead directly there as well.

As a travel guide, RealTravel scores high marks for both ease of finding information, offering interesting information and involving travels and readers to share their experiences. I went in for a quick browse and before I knew it, I had spend 20 minutes reading a couple's account of their travels on a cruise ship around the world. They had written posts on each of their stops, complete with where they stayed, how they traveled, the history, the sights and sounds and lots of pictures of course. A travel guide is a great way to get ideas on new places to travel to, rather than the regular run of the mill destinations.

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