Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Flint Hills of Kansas

The state of Kansas was very different from what I expected and quite unexpectedly, I never realized I would come to love it as much as I now do. My biggest concern before going there was that I was going to miss my beloved Himalayas, but when I saw brochure of Kansas State University which said that it was located in the Flint Hills of Kansas, I was prepared to go. The lure of the hills is magnetic for me and I am willing to go anywhere to explore a hill or a mountain.

The Flint Hills of Kansas are a beautiful and old landscape, one that has witnessed history and culture of many generations and has a unique charm. When Dr Bill of Kansas Flint Hills left a comment on my blog some time back, it brought back so many wonderful memories of spending 5 amazing years exploring that wonderful area. Northeastern Kansas is simply breathtaking, especially in the spring and summer when everything seems to glow and the sky looks bigger than ever.

The Midwest has often been underestimated for its touristic value, but it is one of the best hidden treasures of the country, with the Flint Hills of Kansas being pretty high on the list. National Geographic has done a beautiful feature on the Flint Hills of Kansas in a 22 page article for its April 2007 issue. Kansas City itself is a wonderful city, the birthplace of Jazz and barbecue food, a city that is still wonderfully charming and modern at the same time.


Dr. Bill ;-) said...

Thanks for posting our logo on your blog, along with the neat words about the Kansas Flint Hills. We hope others will come check us out, stay a couple of days, and enjoy what Kansas has to offer. As you suggested, it is certainly unappreciated, and only lately have we begun to think about promoting it as we should. We want the Kansas Flint Hills to remain much as they are - for all the future generations to enjoy as well!

Shalini said...

You're welcome, Dr Bill. It was a pleasure to read up on the Flint Hills and see those amazing pictures. I myself hope to come back and spend some time there.