Monday, July 16, 2007

A few good men still work at Tata Indicom

No posts for the past couple of days thanks to Tata Indicom playing truant. Just when I started to think that they were doing a pretty good job, I was brought down to earth with a thud. What happened is that the place where I have been making my payments, the ICICI dropbox in Lokhandwala has become defunct and so my cheque was lost in the process. And the surprising thing is that no one at the call center even knew that this has even happened, so they very happily suspended my account.

After spending the better part of my day chasing down the right people to contact to fix this problem, I was reluctantly told why it had happened and told to issue a new cheque. All this was fine, but they were stuck at not activating my account until they had received the cheque and put it for clearing, which would take them another few days.

Their stance was really most unhelpful, until I finally got through to the person that mattered and he said that he would activate my account and send someone to pick up my cheque. He was true to his word and my internet was back on in less than 5 minutes. Hats off to Mr Anil Sinha for his great can do attitude and following through to fixing things rather than sticking to nonsensical bureaucratic rules.


Soniya said...

Yes Mr. Sinha is a hardworking and contributing his best. I know hin since Dishnet days and he is really worked for cusomters.

Shalini said...

Welcome to my blog, Soniya!

It's great to hear from someone who has known Mr Sinha. I was really very impressed with his working style.