Saturday, July 14, 2007

The best way to find accommodation in Perth

Are you heading to Perth? There is some great information on hotels in Perth that can be found at Rates To Go, one of the best sites for finding last minute Perth hotels. Most people think that one can only get good hotel prices if one books in advance, but the fact is that while some good rates are available a month in advance, prices keep rising until the very last minute when they drop drastically and you can end up with a room rate that is lower than what you could have booked a month in advance.

The tricky part is finding where to look for these rates and that is where Rates To Go comes in, with its comprehensive listing of last minute accommodation rates in many cities, including rates for hotels in Perth. Hotels are categorized by star rating and price so it is easy to hone in on exactly the kind of hotel and price you are searching for. Perth Hotels in general offer competitive rates, but these are the best rates you are likely to find anywhere. Using a site such as Rates To Go, you might be able to find a 4-5 star hotel and pay what you usually would for a 2-3 star hotel. Besides lower rates, Rates To Go makes it easy to just find last minute accommodation, which can be a huge problem in itself.

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