Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What's the big deal about colloidal silver?

I've been hearing a lot about colloidal silver lately and needed to find out what exactly it is and what it is used for. Colloidal silver is in essence a colloid of silver particles in water and since it has antimicrobial properties it is perfect for treating and preventing infection in external wounds and burns. There are claims that it also has some nutritional benefits, antibiotic properties etc. There are some forms of colloidal silver that are available at health food stores, although there is an ongoing debate on the exact benefits from ingesting these supplements.

As in all nutritional supplements, it is essential to read the label and with colloidal silver it is essential to know which one will suit you best. In general, colloidal silver will improve the immune system, skin condition and even give you extra energy for sports. our body is made up of minerals and we all have and require traces of metals in our system to get everything in sync, and this product just simplifies the process and makes sure that your body is getting all the extra nutrition it needs. I think I need to go and ask my doctor if I should add these to my diet as well.

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