Saturday, June 09, 2007

Using a 'building specialist' to find a condo

Traveling across the world has made me appreciate all the niche services that people provide, the things that we don't have in our own town. For example, a Phoenix area real estate company CondoCompany, has fine-tuned its process of finding potential clients that it offers what it calls 'Building Specialists', agents who are experts in specific buildings and are the ultimate guide and resource to pretty much everything about the building and the community. The company has lots of Phoenix Condos For Sale listed and makes an effort to be different from all others. It's really companies like that that take what they do to the next level of providing superior customer service and understanding their clients. The end result is that they will convert more maybes and their clients will be thrilled at not wasting time with agents who don't know the details of the property they are showing. Now, if only they would open an office where I live!

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