Friday, June 22, 2007

Starbucks by winter most likely!

Good news for coffee buffs. US coffee chain Starbucks’ hopes to open its first store by October this year. The first store is set to be in Gurgaon and a second store will be coming up in Saket in Delhi. Starbucks has set up a team in Gurgaon for research and development, operations and marketing for operations in India. The venture in India will be headed by Anoop Sequiera, the former CEO of Global Franchise Architects, with the licensee being New Horizons, a 51:49 JV between Starbucks’ Indonesian franchisee V.P. Sharma and Kishore Biyani, CEO of Future Group.


badlu said...

It actually amazes me how over caffeinated Americans are and I marvel how they can propogate the same trend across the globe.

What ever happened to Barrista... Unless Star bucks starts selling cutting-chai for 4 bucks, I'm not going there.

Can't imagining myself doling out Rs 100 and saying "1 cafe late ,grande, extra hot"

Shalini said...

I myself have never been too fond of Starbucks coffee a lot of their other stuff like hot chocolate and Italian soda's but their coffee is not to my taste.

Barista is upgrading some its stores to Cremes where it will be charging higher prices and providing more of an atmosphere than the regular cafes.