Saturday, June 09, 2007

Office furniture for women

Love finding out about companies that fine tune their products to meet a customer's requirements and this is not just one company, it's an entire industry that is taking note. Furniture retailers and office supply stores are bringing in office furniture that caters specifically to women, whether they are working in a traditional office or have a home office setup. Women owned businesses are growing twice as fast compared to all small businesses and retailers are taking note. Ikea, OfficeMax and other retailers are creating new lines of furniture especially for women. These pieces will be scaled down to fit women's bodies better and have storage space to keep purses etc, a problem that is faced by all working women.
“Women really want to personalize their space. Men are looking for more functionality,” said Kim Roffey, a strategist at Kurt Salmon Associates. When men buy an office chair, they focus on whether it rolls under the desk and provides good back support, Roffey said. Women look at those factors, but at the top of their mind is how it fits with the look of the room, she said.


Anonymous said...

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Office Furniture said...

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