Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A new look for the bedroom

When we move next month, we're going to get an entire set of new furniture and furnishings for our home. It doesn't make sense to pay so much to ship our current stuff when we can get new stuff there quite reasonably. Plus, it's going to take too much time to send our things by sea, so we've decided to set up home anew. We haven't finalized an apartment yet, and I want to get one that has lots of natural light, especially lots of morning light. I am really looking forward to doing up our bedroom in an entirely different way and get a completely different set of duvet covers, something bold and bright as opposed to the neutral look that we currently have out here. It is really important for a bedroom to be a safe haven of sorts, a place that one retreats to for complete comfort and sanctuary, and just by selecting the right furnishings, it is possible to convey all this and more. I've been spending a couple of hours everyday researching and ordering the stuff I want for our new home and one of the sites that I have repeatedly gone to is Terry's Fabrics, which has a great selection of sophisticated yet understated home furnishings.

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