Monday, June 25, 2007

Melbourne is calling!!

One city that I am eagerly waiting to visit is Melbourne in Australia. There's something about the city that seems really inviting, even though Sydney gets so much more attention worldwide, I'd rather go to Melbourne first. Browsing through some sites I found a site that caters specifically to finding a place to say in Melbourne, that too great deals on Cheap Hotels in Melbourne. At, there are lots of great places to stay at such as the California Hotel where rates start at A$89.

I would love to go for a cruise on the Yarra River and explore the cafes along its banks, especially in the Southgate Arts and leisure precinct. Some of the other places I want to visit are the Geelong Waterfront that has been restored and is a hot spot for eating out and Queenscliff which is an old town and has lots of beautiful old buildings. Melbourne Hotels and the city on the whole have a great mixture of old world charm and modernity and that's a really winning combination to have. Accommodation in Melbourne can veer towards the expensive, but it is possible to get some great prices here.

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