Friday, June 01, 2007

Lunch at Just Around the Corner

Went to Just Around the Corner in Bandra for a great lunch. We love the place and end up going there once every couple of months. They have a cafeteria sort of system, where you pick up a tray and load up your soup bowl, salad plate (as much as you want---there are 2 set prices for 2 sizes of plates), order a sandwich or burger, get some drinks and desert and pay up. There are waiters who will get you orders that take slightly longer to make, so you don't need to keep standing in line. And there is a Pizzeria on one side and a Cafe Coffee Day on the other, for more variety. Didn't take any pics, so nothing to put up here. Prices are great, the crowd is great, and the posters are simply superb and wickedly cheeky....anyone who has been there knows what I mean!!

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