Saturday, June 02, 2007

Looking for interesting artwork

I've been using Etsy to find interesting art online. I really like their setup and have seen some great art work there, although most of it is not original artwork and most of the art work are of very small sizes, usually postcard size. I don't mind buying a couple of smaller pieces, it's easy enough to make them look great using a large matte or by grouping them together to create a diptych type of effect. I found this piece that I liked and would go rather well with a piece I have of a parrot. This pic on the left is called True Love and is by aussiepatches and is an original drawing, 12x12 in size.


Ali J said...

Thanks for loving my work! xox I'm working on some more bird drawings and paintings that hopefully will turns out just as cute as this one.

Shalini said...

You're welcome! I really liked the vivid colors and the vibrancy of the painting on the whole. Hope to see more of your works in the future.