Friday, June 15, 2007

Living in cold climes

We've lived in lots of cities, some in really cold places and others in hot and tropical places. One of our most fun times was spent in Providence and Bristol in RI, where although the winters get pretty cold, they are a magical time. In Providence, we lived just down the road from Brown University in a sweet apartment that never really got very cold, even though it only got a little sun in the afternoons.

Our home in Bristol, however was quite different and since it was an old heritage property,the insulation wasn't as good as modern houses. The heating system was also quite outdated and we would have loved to have some additional heating elements added. Underfloor Heating is my personal favorite as it emanates warmth in the entire house without causing any hot spots that are usually caused by other heating systems.

WarmFloors is one of the best and most innovative systems of its kind, using a carbon underfloor heating system that barely takes up any space in the floor at all and is perfect for wood and laminate flooring. This heating is done by placing a heating film under a wood or laminate floor, which makes it very effective. Since it's not within view, rooms look bigger and you can make better use of the space. If a room is insulated well, the cost of underfloor heating is will not add up to much. I especially like the idea of underfloor heating for bathrooms where you don't want to walk on cold surfaces which can be quite chilled in the mornings. Other areas where these could be used are kitchens, conservatories and sun rooms.

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