Saturday, June 30, 2007

Is there anything better than the smell of fresh bread?

The rains are here and it makes me crave the smell of freshly baked bread. It's something of an automatic reaction for me, the cold weather makes me want to bake and the winters we spent in Providence and Bristol in Rhode Island, I did a lot of baking and experimenting. Some of my favorites were the rugelach and banana bread, both of which came out really well each time. Banana bread recipes are not hard to perfect but when made with some love and affection, they always come out even better.

Something along the lines of Like Water for Chocolate, I guess, emotion felt while cooking food becomes incorporated in the food. So you should only cook food when you really want too or enjoy it, and you'll see the difference in the results. I have to cook to music, so that it feels less of a chore, especially the daily stuff, although I rarely cook the daily stuff now since we have someone who comes in every day to take care of that for us. Music just makes cooking seem more fun and the food comes out better, so its a win-win situation!!

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