Friday, June 15, 2007

Got my wireless connection working

So, I got my wireless connection going and am all set with working here in Delhi as well. The problem I had was that the software CD that came along with the US Robotics wireless data card was not with me and so I had to call an engineer from the ISP to connect it directly to the internet, find, download and install the software for me. It didn't take more than 30 minutes for the complete thing and now that it's set I can work from my own laptop in ease. There are several other laptops and PCs here that all connect to the Internet, but since I have all my work stored on my laptop itself, it just makes it so much easier to work directly from here, rather then switch back and forth and saving data etc.


aseem said...

When I first flirted with Wireless routers (Mumbai) I got nixed by my ISP. They had installed some program on my laptop and I could browse internet only through that program. And that dud did not support Wireless. Grrrrr...

I finally ended up gifting the router to my brother-in-law. Good to know you got that fixed.

Shalini said...

I had a Tata Indicom m0odem connection in Mumbai and asked them to switch to a router based connection so I could use it wirelessley along with my hubby's computer, and the idiots installed a single user router. WTH, is that anyway? We then ended up getting a second connection with MTNL as a back up.

Here at my in-laws in Delhi we have Airtel which is much better, in service, technology and connection speed.