Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Did you take a proper vacation last year?

Do you get to use all your vacation time each year or end up forgoing it? According to a survey conducted by Yahoo HotJobs, nearly half of US workers did not take their complete vacation allowance last year. This despite overworking and being 'burned out' by their jobs. Eighteen hundred people were surveyed, of which 45% did not use all their vacation days in 2006 and 39% of those surveyed said that they were too tired to take a "real" vacation.
The main reasons that respondents said that they did not take vacations was due to too much work, cost of vacations and saving time off for emergencies. I think it's a really sad state of affairs. After all, one works to have a good life, to buy all the things that make us happy, and if one cannot even enjoy 'the fruits of labor' so to speak, then one has to do a serious rethink on what is important in life. BNET has a good article on how to make the most of a vacation and I think all workaholics need to make it their bible.

PS: I value my vacation time very much and took 72 days off last year!

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