Thursday, June 28, 2007

Currently reading: An Enduring Love by Farah Pahlavi

I started reading a new book on my trip. Actually, I started two, but left the first one when I realized that I'd already read it before (A year in Provence by Peter Mayle, which I grabbed off my bookshelf as I left for the airport, mostly because of its slim size that would make it fit easily into my bag!). Now I'm reading An Enduring Love by Farah Pahlavi, a memoir written by the erstwhile empress of Iran. It's been very interesting so far because of the way it is written and also because of the fact that my best friend in college was from Iran and she had told me lots about the Shah and the family. Another interesting tidbit is that my father met the Shah's second wife Queen Soraya who was acknowledged as one of the most beautiful women in the world, when he was a child (Farah was his third wife). I love reading books that inter-twine with our lives, where we live etc and this one does all that and more!

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