Thursday, June 21, 2007

Creating great off-site events

We've had a few off-site organizational events that required computer equipment and projectors, but rather than taking our office equipment, we decided to use a rental company to provide all the equipment we needed, so that our settings in the office don't get disturbed. Using a rental company for computers, touchscreen LCDs, projectors etc made it so much simpler to handle and we could focus on the issues to be discussed and plans to be made rather than these logistic details. has a large variety of tech items including plasma rentals, computers, projectors and much more that can be rented. It's even possible to get a 5000 lumen projector rental at, which is often not available at other such places, or they are usually short of supplies. With a nationwide delivery system, is able to take care of all tech requirements for trade shows, conventions, and other events. The most productive and effective product for us was the touchscreen LCD monitor rental that made our work so much easier and quicker.

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