Friday, June 22, 2007

Cheap accomodation is possible in Melbourne

One would think that Melbourne would be a terribly expensive place to travel to, especially its hotels, but I found some really great deals on a site called, where you can select from a range of serviced apartments, hotels and hostels. It's possible to get 2-3 star hotels starting at A$50 onwards and a 5 star hotel at A$150 onwards on this site. I found a great place called the Saville City Suites East Melbourne, which was available for just A$85 as a last minute deal. How amazing is that for a 4-star hotel? It's hard to believe but it is possible to get Cheap Hotels in Melbourne such as this one. The great thing about most of the hotels listed on the site is that they are all really great hotels, stylishly decorated and in the best of locations, so it's definitely not a compromise to stay there as it usually is with most budget accommodations. It's definitely a site I have to bookmark for further research.

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