Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Buying property overseas

With the amount of moving we seem to be doing, that too on the international level, we really need a site that can find us apartments and houses no matter where in the world we go to next. I have been searching for such a site and was thrilled to find a site called Property Mart Overseas, that deals with properties all across the world. Now, this is a site that I could be using for years on end I think. I keyed in our last location and found some very good options as well as prices.

I next keyed in a search for property in Cyprus and found a really nice selection of villas, apartments and other housing options. I didn't like that I had to re-enter all my information each time, even if I wanted to change just one of the variables, but besides that I was able to find everything I needed. The articles about different destinations and highlighted properties are quite useful and interestingly my currently location Mumbai was the featured area of the week on the site. I even found a link for properties that are tailored to golfing addicts, so that they are never far away from their beloved game. The above post was a sponsored review.

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