Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Back home!!

Back to Bombay late last night, rather early this morning, after two weeks of a pampered working environment!! I managed to do a lot of work and not worry about anything else at housework, no errands, no chores etc. Must do this more often actually. Now that we're back, my exhaustion and 4-5 hour sleep schedule has caught up with me and I'm completely and utterly tired and it feels like a cold coming extra large cup of hot chocolate....which is what I'm going to have in just ten minutes or so!!


Adorable Bad Guy said...

Some ppl never grow out of chocolate. For all its coffies, I visit Star-Bucks only for Grande Hot Chocolate extra hot with whipped cream.

Get well soon

Shalini said...

Been out of commission for the past two days....down with a bad case of the flu....kinda resurfacing now...

Thanks for the reminder....a cup of hot chocolate is what I need right now!!

Yup, we go to Starbucks only for the hot chocolate and cheesecake too!!