Monday, June 25, 2007

Away for a day

I have been away to visit my parents in Chandigarh for the weekend. Well, it really wasn't the weekend actually, since we caught the train early on Sunday morning and returned to Delhi early on Monday morning. But, I guess it was better than nothing at all. Chandigarh is such a quiet relief after the hustle bustle of Bombay and Delhi, but Chandigarh on a Sunday was amazingly quiet. There's been a lot of growth in the city, due to the IT Park that has come up and things are slowly getting livelier. More on the retail scene in Chandigarh later on.

On an off note: The Shatabdi Express we traveled to Chandigarh on was one of the new German coach trains, which is really, very nicely made and is much more spacious and comfortable inside.

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