Friday, June 22, 2007

Air Ninja: finding discount airline routes

As a travel buff and frequent traveler myself, I love finding interesting travel related sites to bookmark for our next trip. This site that I found is no ordinary site trying to sell you its hotel rooms or car rental services, it's actually a site that doesn't sell anything at all! Air Ninja is a site that will tell you which airlines offer budget tickets to your choice of destination. You can't buy a ticket or make a reservation on Air Ninja, but you will find you where you can go to get the best deal on the ticket that you want to book!

I think it's a really fantastic concept, one that the market is absolutely ready for. There's lots of flight booking sites, but no such site that offers such a comprehensive listing of all routes flown by budget airlines, routes that are most times not shown on other travel sites.

The first thing I did when I opened the site this evening was to key in my hubby's route from Bombay to Dubai, from where he just got back this morning, and the results I got were airlines that I had not found on any travel site or even at my travel agent. Both were good airlines but since they don't spend too much on advertising or marketing, one doesn't really realize they have such great deals. The cost was just under half of what he paid, which is a significant difference for a ticket on an extremely competitive route.

I was both amazed and embarrassed; amazed at the fact that a company has come up with such a great and much needed niche and embarrassed that we ended up paying so much more than we should have, just because I didn't do my homework right in searching out Air Ninja out earlier.

Once you key in your current location and your destination, you will see the names of the airlines that offer discount tickets load on the right side of the page. To buy tickets on these airlines, you have to click on the link which will take you to the airline's site where you do your booking. The concept is incredibly simple, and that's what makes Air Ninja such a winning idea.

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