Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Advertising exchange network

Advertising exchange company ContextWeb Inc. announced that it would be provide complete pricing control to both advertisers and publishers with its new system that is soon to be launched. According to Anand Subramaniam, CEO of ContextWeb, "The online marketplace is now ready for a true exchange. By including advertisers and publishers of all sizes, ADSDAQ creates a more scalable marketplace for premium advertising inventory across the entire internet." While there may be other systems in the marketplace that offer similar services, ContextWeb's services differ in the control that it gives it publishers and advertisers.

In ContextWeb's system, publishers can determine their own "Ask" price and let advertisers "Bid" on their offers. The company will be launching later this summer and has already been using its system for a limited number of publishers to test it out. The company hopes that it's service will be a true advertising exchange between publishers and advertisers, giving both sides complete freedom in setting price and other variables.

ContextWeb was founded in 2000 and has more than 100 advertiser and publisher partners from comScore's 250 properties as well as 12 agencies from the top 15 Advertising Age interactive agencies. It's a question of what kind of advertisers and publishers they have in their system that will determine how this concept takes off, but all the signs currently point to success. The above post was a sponsored review.

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